“…we expect that the importance of the affective domain in the resident selection process will increase significantly in the future…integrity, reliability, diligence, commitment, respect, and interpersonal skills, are now being heralded as important predictors of resident performance.”

Bernstein, A. D., Jazrawi, L. M., Elbeshbeshy, B., Della Valle, C. J., &
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The right people, the correct numbers, placed into appropriate environments will produce the best and the brightest…”

Evarts, C. McCollister. “Resident selection: a key to the future of orthopaedics.” Clinical orthopaedics and related research 449 (2006): 39-43.

“Under the core competency of interpersonal and communication skills, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has indicated that residents are expected to work effectively as a member or leader of a healthcare team.”

*Pettit, J. E., Dahdaleh, N. S., Albert, G. W., & Greenlee, J. D. (2011). *Neurosurgery resident leadership development: An innovative approach. Neurosurgery, 68(2), 546.

“Understanding the need for change involves an assessment of the current state of an organization relative to its environment or a desired future state.”

-William A. Pasmore, Ph.D. Editor, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science & Visiting Professor Columbia University


“…widely held perception that students’ admission into residency programs accredited by the ACGME remains highly subjective.”

*Quintero, Andres J., et al. “The personal interview: Assessing the potential for personality
similarity to bias the selection of orthopaedic residents.” Academic Medicine 84.10 (2009): 1364.

We put science in the selection.

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